L'isola del Giglio: A Sea of Difference

Isola del Giglio - CapomarinoA clear, crystal sea, a sea of a thousand colours: dark blue and light green on beautiful sunny days, a silvery grey on a cloudy day, an intense white colour due to the foamy waves when the wind blows and a light pink and orange at sunset when the sun's rays are reflected in the water. The sea extends far into the horizon and is scattered with islands: Giannutri, Elba, Pianosa, Montecristo and Corsica, all of which are clearly visible. Along the coast thereIsola del Giglio - Campese torre medicea are idyllic bays, gentle cliffs and high gorges. It is primarily for its crystal, clear sea that the Island of Giglio has been continuously awarded the coveted five blue sails of "Legambiente" (the Blue Guide). In the sea around Giglio one can swim, sail and fish. The sea bed is rocky and therefore a natural habitat for many types of fish such as red snapper, greater amberjack, skipjack and white bream. In the month of October the "Ricciola Cup" event takes place during which all fishing and trawler fishing enthusiasts can take part. Diving aficionados will love Giglio's fascinating underwater world full of red and yellow sea fans, thriving marine faura and archaeological finds. The best areas for scuba diving are "Cala Cupa, le Scole, Punta del Fenaio, Punta del Capel Rosso and the many shoal you can find around the island.