giglio mappa risultatoGIGLIO ISLAND


Giglio is the second biggest island of Tuscan Archipelago; it is situated west of Argentario Cape, far only 18 miles from it. Its area is about 21 square kilometers, entirely mountainous. It consists of limestone and granite rocks, crossed by a ridge that culminates in Poggio della Pagana (m. 496).
Its coast are high and rocky, the biggest bay is Campese, where is also the longest beach, but other peculiar bays are scattered all along the coastline. The predominant vegetation is the Mediterranean scrub. The warm climate helps to cultivate grapes and olive tree. Fishing and agriculture have been the people resource; in recent times tourism has become the main economical activity.
The island belongs to the district of Grosseto and with the Island of Giannutri constitute the Municipality of Giglio; there are three inhabited centres: Castello at 400ms, Porto on the eastern coastline and Campese on thenorth- western side. It belongs to the National Archipelago Tuscan park.